The village has two restaurants : Le Carignan and Le Maison Gourmande, both offer authentic French cooking although Le Carignan also bakes its own pizzas as well. Most visitors state that both restaurants are reasonably priced for the quality of food that they serve. There is also a bar that serves delicious and large home made pizzas, these are available most evenings throughout the summer. There are tables available outside the bar in the summer but these tend to be popular with visitors who like to drink in the village atmosphere in the warm summer evenings.

The Village is surrounded by Vineyards and at the the Cave co-operative, you are able to sample and purchase all of the locally produced wines.

Between mid June and mid September a café opens that sells Paninis, Salads and kebabs. Their speciality is home made ice-cream which are available in many flavours. Prices are very competitive and the café is well worth visiting.

The village also has the following shops :
-Spar Minimarket with delicatessen
-Post Office
-Bank with ATM

There is also a large doctors surgery.
All of the above amenities are less than a two minute walk from La Villa Celine.

St. Laurent is a lively working village and La Villa Celine is positioned centrally. Village life surrounds the Villa; the sights and sounds are part of our daily routine.

During September and October when the grape harvest is taking place, the village is busier than usual as the years wine production culminates. Saint Laurent is surrounded by vineyards and wine plays an important part in village life. The Cave Co-operative assumes a greater importance as grapes from smaller producers are delivered by tractor and trailer at regular intervals. As pressing begins some of the aromas from the Cave are very pleasant indeed. It is very interesting to watch all these processes, progressing from the un-picked grape to the final finished bottles of wine available to purchase, and you can be a part of this!

Within a five minute drive of the villa are a series of lagoons that are filled from waters flowing down from the Haute Corbières. They offer a beautiful and tranquil place to relax and take in some stunning scenery. The best time to visit them is on a weekday as they are not usually busy during these times.

There are plenty of accessible areas to sunbathe on the smooth rocky outcrops and when things get too hot you can take advantage of the shallow waterfalls to cool down! There is also a picnic area with benches, allowing you to spend the whole day here.




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